Children’s Ministries


Sunday School

Sunday School can be a fun and creative place.  OSLC is continually evolving the education style to meet the needs of the youth.  Once a lecture only based program, our adult leaders have explored rotation style Sunday School and morphed into a hybrid style of fun and stimulating learning.

Sunday School begins at 8:40am-9:50am – for K thru 6th grade.  Class time is divided into four different classrooms: PreK/kindergarten, first/second grade, third/fourth grade, and fifth/sixth grade.

Download the registration form if you wish to have your child participate.

After School Programs

JCKC (Jesus Christ Kids Club) and SPY (  Spirit Powered Youth) are held at OSLC each Wednesday at 3:30.

Our Savior’s offers many other after school programs for children, including Apple crisp baking, etc.

Ministering to children starting with the earliest ages gives them the tools necessary to become mature Christians. As we continually connect kids to Christ through the body of believers at Our saviors, we begin to see children grow through our ministry. Children involved in the Children’s Ministry of Our Saviors feel valued and loved by their teachers, leaders and peers. In this environment, they can feel a natural connection to the church as a whole, where they know they will be loved and accepted.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School has often been a high point of our children’s ministry, gathering children of the congregation and the community together to learn more about their faith and to have fun doing it during a week of summer mornings. Much creativity has gone into the program these past years and we encourage your child’s attendance.

 Our commitment to you and your children is to:

  • Provide a safe, Christ-centered environment your child will love.
  • Teach biblical truths and nurture children in how these truths can apply to their everyday life via interactive learning.
  • Teach children to have an active worship and prayer life.
  • Encourage children to build relationships with other children, caring Christian adults and their church.
  • Provide opportunities for each child to choose to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • Equip them for sharing their Christian faith and for their mission to the world.

8:40am-9:50am – Sunday School K thru 6th grade

For more information regarding our children’s ministries, please feel free to contact us at 320.365.3996.